Yacht Annabella docks at Naxos Town Seafront, opposite Rendez-vous Café.

Captain George and Yacht Annabella guarantees a magical, an unforgettable and above all, a safe sailing experience for you, your family and your friends

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Where to stay

Where to stay

Welcome to Naxos town!

Naxos is a much more rural island, and the main area of the population is known as Naxos Chora (or, commonly, Naxos Town). The majority of the shops and hotels are within walking distance of this area, “Old Town”.

There are tons of benefits to staying this close to the heart of Naxos, one of which is that you’re closest to some of the most delicious food your tastebuds will ever have the joy of experiencing.

The other benefit? You’ll be walking distance to the Temple of Apollo, a gorgeous statue on the tip of the island. This place gets packed for sunsets and sunrises. The view, peace, and serenity during sunrise with Apollo was something you’ll never forget. Turns out, the early bird really does get the worm (and an unforgettable sunrise to boot!)

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