Yacht Annabella docks at Naxos Town Seafront, opposite Rendez-vous Café.

Captain George and Yacht Annabella guarantees a magical, an unforgettable and above all, a safe sailing experience for you, your family and your friends

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Captain George Fragiskos was born and raised on Naxos island and he has been providing professional yachting services for over 40 years. He is by far the most experienced skipper on the island and has sailed these waters thousands of times. This huge experience is reflected in the trust he gets by his clients from all over the world, some of which are also professional skippers.

Are your sailing trips daily only?

Yes, our sailing trips are daily, starting from 8:30 or 10:00 in the morning (depending on the trip) and arriving back at Naxos port at 18:00 on the same day.

I have chosen a specific tour. Is this the tour we will be making?

Not necessarily. The sailing boat is booked by a collection of many people. We usually follow the most popular tour, according to the selection of the majority of the passengers. However, sometimes it is the weather that chooses the tour for us.

Is a free lunch included in the price?

No, lunch is NOT included in the price. Once on the island, you are free to choose the place of your preference and enjoy any meal you desire. During the tour, beverages and snacks are offered. In the rare occasion that there are very strong winds, please keep in mind that we may not be able to offer anything while sailing for security reasons.

Where will I find the booking form?

There is a link to the booking form at the end of the home page, just above the footer (as shown in the photo included here) and a button at the end of the page of each sailing trip. Alternatively, please click on the following “Booking Form” link to get there straight away.

Are snacks and drinks offered on board?

Of course they are and at adequate quantities. No one gets hungry or thirsty while travelling with us. However, you must keep in mind that all snacks and drinks must be refrigerated. To keep them fresh, we serve them twice during our trip and store them immediately. Our guests are free to ask for more at any time. You should also be informed that in case of strong wind, we may delay serving snacks and drinks until we reach calm sea.

Can I stay a bit longer on land and delay our departure?

Absolutely not. The schedule is very tight and it has been prearranged long before our departure from Naxos port. We always stick to it. It is a sign of disrespect towards all the other passengers to cause such a delay. For the schedule to change, it will have to be discussed well in advanced and put to a vote so that all passengers agree. The boat will always leave on time, just like all means of transportation do (airplanes, ferries …). Passengers who wish to stay on the selected island for more, have every right to do so but they will have to arrange for other means of transportation back to Naxos. In any case, they should inform the captain well in advance.

Should I bring a sweater with me?

This is always a good idea. A light breeze or a strong wind can make you feel cold, even if the temperature is high. The speed of the boat while sailing makes this effect even stronger. A sweater or a light jacket will certainly help you feel warm, if needed.


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