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“So much fun!!“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
15 October 2017
kellbelle0589 from Phoenix, USA

This trip was so fun! Captain George and his wife were so hospitable and friendly. They took tons of pictures of us and at the end they gave us a free CD with all the pictures. They let us steer the boat, and provided snacks and drinks. We had such a blast with them! Highly recommend!

“Living the dream -Sailing the Greek isles with Capt.George and Katrina“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
26 September 2017
David P from Melbourne, Australia

I enjoyed a day to remember on the sailing yacht Annabella with hosts Captain George and charming wife Katrina. These experienced sailors took us out on a small group tour along the west coast of Naxos and the small Cyclades. For a very reasonable cost, we spent a full day out on the water, swimming, skin diving even had a go at sailing their beautiful yacht. I highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting the stunning island of Naxos.

“Cliff Jumping, Cave Exploring, Dolphins and a private island - George Showed Us it All!“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
30 August 2017
725lindsey1010 from Brooklyn, New York

My boyfriend and I absolutely LOVED sailing with George. We called to dolphins as they swam alongside the boat, took a dip in the crystal clear waters, swam in a cave, went cliff jumping, and stopped off on small island to have lunch and a leisurely swim. Best part was George documented the entire trip and sent us home with CDs full of pictures. We'd recommend buying tickets online if you're on a schedule like we were. If you have time on Naxos, just stop by George's boat on the dock and buy directly from him. This trip was definitely a highlight from our time in Naxos!

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