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Packing for a sailing trip

Packing for a sailing trip

For all sailing first timers, packing is always an issue.

Sailing is something out of the ordinary for the average tourist and the task of packing seems daunting! What if you forget something important? It is not as if you can get to the nearby store and buy it instead. So, the more prepared you are the better it will be.

Keeping in mind that space is already limited on a sailing boat and, as if that wasn’t enough, you will have to share it with several other people, you desperately need to save as much space as possible and get the smallest possible bag. And, please, notice that I say bag and not bags.

So, to start, you will need to make a check-list, write down all that is necessary and then, take a careful look at your bag and check each item already inside. This step is crucial and it guarantees that nothing from the list is left behind. Take your time to write down that list and ask the sailing tour company if they have any suggestions. It will save you precious time and effort.

By far the most important items to carry along are the sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. While sailing, the sun is both friend and enemy. If you are careful enough, you will be able to enjoy your tour without any unfortunate and painful consequences. Sunburn is not a pleasant experience. Neither is sunstroke. These two will not only spoil your sailing trip but rather your entire holiday.

If you are sailing in rough seas, Dramamine is also something to consider bringing along. Even if the wind seems calm and inviting, there is absolutely no guarantee it will stay that way throughout the day. Better safe than sorry.

Assuming you already have your swimsuit on, make sure you take a warm jacket with you (a waterproof windbreaker would be ideal). As the sun sets and the sailing yacht speeds along the sea, you will feel cold even during the hottest summer days. A towel is also necessary, in case you do not have the time to dry before getting back.

Notice that till now, we haven’t mentioned your cell phone. But, really, who forgets their cell phone? That would be a disaster, a proper nightmare! No personal photos, no twits or Facebook and Instagram posts, nothing. Just make sure it is fully charged.

As for clothing, you will need only the clothes you are wearing. How convenient! That is basically it. These few items are the bare essentials for enjoying your sailing adventure to the maximum. Have fun…

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