The top 5 must-see places on Naxos

The top 5 must-see places on Naxos
September 30, 2017

Being a big island, Naxos offers a lot to see on various different aspects that can satisfy even the most demanding traveller.

Starting with the traditional villages of Naxos, we must point out that it is very hard to pick one out of such a wonderful selection of uniquely beautiful small and big settlements, some of which have been inhabited for millennia. However, Apeiranthos would have to be our choice, mainly due to its unique architecture of marble alleyways, its collection of no less than 5 museums and its colourful and vibrant inhabitants.

Naxos Town Castle

Arriving at the port of Naxos, the first two things that will catch your eye are both in the realm of history, the imposing Portara and the famous Castle of Naxos. They are both within only a short distance from each other, so they can be visited on the same day. An afternoon walk at Palatia, the small peninsula that holds the Portara is an absolute must, especially during the sunset hour. The orange and purple colours of the sun fall on the huge marble gate and on the entire Naxos Town, providing a great opportunity for amazing romantic photos and selfies. The Castle of Naxos, on the other hand, is a trip to the past. Walking along its alleys is not for the faint hearted as it sometimes gets rather steep but it is definitely worth it. A cocktail at the bars hosted right outside its walls or a dinner at the traditional restaurants located nearby will complete the experience.

Another must-see place, according to the majority of the people asked, is Moutsouna, with its small port used mainly to load emery from the mines of Koronos till around 1970. Nowadays, it is one of the hottest tourist destinations on Naxos, despite the many kilometres of rural landscape one has to drive to get there.

You simply cannot come to Naxos without visiting the Temple of Demeter, the magnificent sanctuary built entirely out of Naxian marble, around 530 B.C., dedicated (most probably) to Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. It dominates the valley of Sagri, located on a small hill, amphitheatrically looking over the entire area.

Naxos Castle shops

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