The magnificent island of Naxos!

The magnificent island of Naxos!
April 12, 2017

Do you want to satisfy your hunger for beauty and experiences this summer? All you have to do is arrange a trip to Naxos island, one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands, from its land and beaches, to the atmosphere and its people.

Naxos with its beautiful white-stoned houses, typical of every Cycladic island, will embrace you from the very first moment you put your foot on. Taking your walks in the picturesque narrow streets, you will encounter amazing little shops. Remember to visit the castle, preferably at evening time so it can be lit up. It’s magical!

If you fancy a swim, we recommend Agia Anna beach, an endless beach with crystal blue waters. Take a deep dive and relax on the background of the blue sky. Lay down on the beach and once in a while get wet with the cool water. Must try! Another famous and must-visit – beach is the one called Agios Prokopios. Crystal clear waters and super fine pebbles create one of the most exotic beaches.

Don’t forget to pass from Portara. The best time is during the sunset as the colors that will appear and the sun slowly dipping into the sea, will make it one of the best photo opportunities during your stay in Naxos island. Don’t miss the chance to take a walk in Portara and, if the sun goes down while you are still there, take a sit on the ground, close your eyes and get rid of all the negative energy within you. It is supposed to be one of the best places for a truly relaxing break.

What else is left to say about this island? Each day there will be unforgettable. Waking up early in the morning, passing by the bakery and smell the delicious odors of the fresh and warm bread. And after, a swim in the several and unique beaches of Naxos. When the sun goes down, a stroll through the castles or a hearty dinner in a family tavern instead.

If you choose to visit Naxos, make sure to experience as many different things possible and of course, have the time of your life!

“Awesome day in a beautiful yacht”
George, thank you again for a wonderful trip yesterday. It was one of the highlights of our time in Greece. You and your son run an outstanding operation. You will be on our agenda on our next trip to Naxos. Thank you.