The Art Of Sailing

The Art Of Sailing
March 19, 2017

The initiation to the basic principles of sailing is pretty simple; learning to travel by boat is equally simple and natural to walking or swimming. Of course, as you improve your skills things can get more complex. And that is because sailing is art.

Every small child can man a small boat but it is far from an experienced sailor crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Basically, a lifetime is not enough for a sailor to be initiated to all the details of sailing.

To begin with, the basics are easy and understandable by everyone. Then the insights follow, requiring the study of more specialized books. Followed – on top of everything – by the talent, that either you have it or not.  Indeed sailing creates a healthy and flexible character with versatile positive characteristics. It is both an individual and team sports. It sharpens the mind while exercising your whole body.

Sailing is a sport that fits to the Greeks and our country. Thousands of islands, beautiful seas, strong winds and breathtaking landscapes make Greece the most blessed place in the world for sailing.

Sailing is a sport for everyone, regardless the gender, age or the physique. The truth is that sailing is not just a hobby but becomes a way of life that lasts forever!

“Absolutely amazing experience!”
What can I say other than this was the best experience ever! The Annabella is a beautiful sailboat with an awesome Captain George! We did the Panteronissia Islands, Holed Cave/snorkeling and stopped for lunch on our way home. George was so friendly, informative and just fun to be around. I would highly recommend this to anyone who goes to Naxos and is looking for a fun-filled and adventurous day trip.