How To Get To Naxos
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FERRY Naxos is very easy to get to by ferry with frequent trips running daily. If you are flying in from Athens, catch a ferry from Piraeus to Naxos with SeaJets,
Where to stay
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Welcome to Naxos town! Naxos is a much more rural island, and the main area of the population is known as Naxos Chora (or, commonly, Naxos Town). The majority of the
The Best Beaches
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The most photogenic white-sand and turquoise-sea beaches, and also the most organized – with sunbeds, cafes, and watersports – extend south from Chora in a string down the coast. These beach
Sailing Day
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If you’re looking to swim, relax, and cool off during the day, then sailing holidays are a unique and unforgettable way to travel! This is a perfect mixture of socializing and
Naxos and Rina Cave
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Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades archipelago. It is very mountainous, small, traditional marble villages in the mountains, gorgeous handicrafts, golden sand beaches with crystal blue water, spectacular mountain
Naxos Tourism
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The island of Naxos, until recently, remained far from the grasp of mass tourism. A lot has changed since then. As people kept on looking for new destinations, they finally discovered
Adventure Travel is here to stay
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Say goodbye to the traditional travel experience. Adventure Travel is the NEW thing. It promises experiences out of the ordinary for the average tourist. Does it deliver? Most times it does, as long
Packing for a sailing trip
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For all sailing first timers, packing is always an issue. Sailing is something out of the ordinary for the average tourist and the task of packing seems daunting! What if you
Sailing for fun
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Here we are, once again, on board our sailing yacht Annabella, introducing unknown destinations to our new friends. Most of them, if not all, have never boarded on a sailing boat
Naxos Town, the old and the new
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What is uniquely impressive about Naxos Town is the hill upon which it has been built, that has given it a superimposed position and at the same time a huge advantage;
June 2018, a great season
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We are only at the beginning of the 2018 summer season and it already looks a very promising year. Our clients, from various parts of the world, who have decided to
Beautiful Naoussa of Paros
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The tourist season has started rather early this year and our first clients are already on board, sailing to new destinations. This morning, on May 9th, we set sail for Naoussa
7 Tips For A Smooth Sailing Experience
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Before you choose a sailing holiday, make sure you give all your friends the below advises and rules. If you are getting ready for your first trip, you better take a
The Top 10 Party Islands on the Planet
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One of the leading Sailing Holidays agencies launched a list of the top 10 Fun & Party Islands of the World. Guess what, 3 of those are in Greece and, most
The tastes of the Cyclades
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One of the main reasons tourists flock to the Cyclades islands, apart, of course, from the wonderful beaches, the exciting nightlife, the beautiful sceneries, the plentiful activities and the unique local
“Absolutely amazing experience!”
What can I say other than this was the best experience ever! The Annabella is a beautiful sailboat with an awesome Captain George! We did the Panteronissia Islands, Holed Cave/snorkeling and stopped for lunch on our way home. George was so friendly, informative and just fun to be around. I would highly recommend this to anyone who goes to Naxos and is looking for a fun-filled and adventurous day trip.