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Yacht Annabella docks at Naxos Town Seafront, opposite Rendez-vous Café.

Captain George and Yacht Annabella guarantees a magical, an unforgettable and above all, a safe sailing experience for you, your family and your friends

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7 Tips For A Smooth Sailing Experience

7 Tips For A Smooth Sailing Experience

Before you choose a sailing holiday, make sure you give all your friends the below advises and rules. If you are getting ready for your first trip, you better take a scroll and a pen and take your notes!

1. A sailboat swings. And sometimes it might swing a little more than the usual. Maybe you will need more than one Dramamine

2. A sailboat can be quite small. If you are not a person with pleasant and positive attitude, this might freak you out a little

3. A yacht usually has minimum soundproof. So, all of the couples in love, beware!

4. While you are on the boat, be careful not to waste water by not let it run unnecessarily

5. Although the boat has a bathroom, it is very important to always use it appropriately, respecting everyone’s needs

6. At all times, wear a hat and a fair quantity of sunscreen. Sunscreen is vital during sailing. Not only it will protect you from the harmful UVs but it will also protect you from a bad mood later

7. A boat is your home while sailing at open sea. When you are on board make sure to be very careful. Don’t drink, don’t dance and of course, don’t party your heart out before checking all safety rules with the captain. He/she will provide all the guidelines for a safe holiday.

These are some smart tips for you to follow. They may seem a bit extreme but they are all quite important.

Bon Voyage!

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