Cyclades; the definition of Greek beauty
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If there is one reason why Greece certainly stands out, it is for its islands. Unparalleled beauty that leaves most of the coastal countries behind. Green and blue, crystal clear waters,
The magnificent island of Naxos!
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Do you want to satisfy your hunger for beauty and experiences this summer? All you have to do is arrange a trip to Naxos island, one of the most beautiful Cycladic
Sailing: Exercise ... Weatherproof
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Sailing is statistically a safe sport and recreation for all ages. What are the health benefits of sailing though? We can approach sailing from both the perspective of a purely sports hobby
Naxos: The Island That Has It All!
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Indented coastlines, cute, picturesque villages, hospitable and welcoming residents and unusually fertile soils known since antiquity, give visitors a bunch of reasons to look Naxos up and fall in love with
A trip to Naxos
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Naxos is an island that has something special to offer to everyone. Whether you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy the sea and sun or you just want to
The Art Of Sailing
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The initiation to the basic principles of sailing is pretty simple; learning to travel by boat is equally simple and natural to walking or swimming. Of course, as you improve your
“Awesome day in a beautiful yacht”
My friend an I took this tour today and it was all it was promised to be. George and Katerina were wonderful hosts and made sure everything was going well for their guests. Aside from the swim to the impressive volcano and all the other stops on the tour, they did their best to ensure that we got to sail with the porpoises (which we did). We were also given a cd of the photos that George and Katerina took of us throughout the day, including the video of our new friends, the porpoises! Thanks for a great day out.

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