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Can't wait to start welcoming our guests for 2017

“Naxos sailing on annabella!“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
September 24, 2016
ranarizk from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Naxos Sailing - S/Y Annabella boat
The day spent out on the water in the sun atop a top class sailing boat is definitely an experience to cherish. George is a true sailor, he is one with his boat and the waves ...

“Great day on the water!!!“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
September 12, 2016
John G

Went out with Captain George for a day on the Aegean which was fantastic. Boat was in excellent condition, easy to find and very comfortable. Great value for money. If you love the sea or just want to give it a try, George is very flexible and will tailor the trip so everyone gets what they want. Our trip stopped for an amazing lunch on an island you would be unlikely to reach..a highlight.

“Such a fun day!“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
August 23, 2016
ciaramc82 from Dublin, Ireland

Captain George runs a tight ship and a well organised tour. Early morning start makes the most of the day and I loved the pit stop for a cooling dip in the sea. The Rina cave stop and cliff jump was great fun and Schinoussa for lunch.The snacks and drinks on board were appreciated

“Lots of fun for a day on the water“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
August 14, 2016
Aedamair from Dublin

Had a great day on the water with Captain George. Got to swim into caves, jump off cliffs, and visit other nearby islands. We had to motor at the start of the day as there wasn't enough wind but got the sails up on the way back. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time for snorkelling which I had been looking forward to but understand things have to be flexible when you're manoeuvring around different winds/tides etc. Very enjoyable day.

“Great experience“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
August 1, 2016
Alexandros V from Barcelona, Spain

We are on holiday in the beautifull island of naxos and we decided to go to small Ciclades on the south of the island. We contracted Captain George and we had a great and nice experience. Again a WOW experience by sailing and swimming in private beach and crystal water, we discovered Paros on a different and exclusive way. Both kids and adults had a Great time. We strongly recommend Naxos Sailing!

“Highlight of my holiday!“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
July 29, 2016
Nadinesfamily from Hobart, Australia

My friend and I are from Australia, neither of us had been sailing sailing for many years! We loved this!! and George is amazing, he allows you to be hands on, he remembers every ones name, a very generous hospital man.

“Relaxed sailing trip around naxos“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
July 24, 2016
Tom F

We loved this day. A lovely day trip around naxos to rina cave and to neighbouring schinoussa with time to swim, eat and relax on schimoussa etc. George tries to involve everybody, and is an excellent host on his boat with advice and stories about naxos and surroundings, I loved the way he let the kids who were on the boat steer making them and their parents super proud, Expect soft sailing and above all a laid back day and you will have a wonderful experience.

“Best experience on this trip“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
July 15, 2016

We had the best time on this tour , we highly recommend this tour to anyone seeking an absolute experience with breath taking views , boat jumping and the caves are well worth every bit of the experience . It is money well spent with a snack and drinks provided to us & many snaps are taking with a Dvd of them all provided to us after we got off the boat . George and Katerina are great hosts and make it what it is . Thank you , and we will recommend this to anybody coming to Naxos.

“An excellent day's sailing“
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
July 20, 2016
Speedster190832 from Durham, United Kingdom

Captain George and his wife ensured we had a super day with a mixture of sailing lessons, snorkelling and visiting Koufonissi. There enthusiasm and desire to make your day fun, knowledgeable and fun made it a special day for us. I can't recommend highly enough!

“Best day in Greece!!”
Naxos Sailing TripAdvisor
June 19, 2016

Can't rave enough about the sailing trip! We had a fantastic 9.5 hour day, jammed pack full of all the things we came to the Cyclades to see - hosted by the friendly Captain George and first-mate Katerina. We swam in crystal clear waters in secluded areas accessible only by boat, explored sea caves by torch-light (kindly provided by our hosts), saw the gorgeous islands of ano koufonisi and kato koufonisi, had a go sailing the boat and last, but definitely not least, got to see dolphins play in the water at the bow of the yacht. George and Katerina were so lovely and nothing was too much to make the day all the more wonderful (they saved my nose by providing an emergency hat as well). We picked Naxos sailing as the reviews had been so good and they didn't mislead us! Thanks to the crew for making our trip so memorable!

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